Christopher. Tsim
Job Roles: Camera Operator/Lighting Engineer/Assisting Lighting and Camera

Que sera sera Independent Drama Short Assistant 2009

Future Shock Short Drama Lighting Director 2011

Love Lane Short Drama DOP 2011

Lost Friend independent Short drama Camera lighting Assistant 2011

Leona Calderon Feature film 35mm Spark 2011

MINI Life Short Gaffer 2011

Broken Inside Feature Camera lighting Assistant 2012

Asylum Feature Gaffer 2012  


Fashion Video ”Horns” Camera Assistant 2011

3D “Five Voices” Gaffer 2011

Blood, Sweat and Hot pants Camera Operator 2011

Corporate Video

Blast Beats Music Show Camera Operator 2010

2CV Citroen 24-hour car race Camera Operator 2010

TFL Media Marketing Camera/Lighting/Editor 2011/2012

Thomson Reuters video tutorial Lighting Engineer 2011

M and N Productions Freelance Camera Operator 2011

GetNeeks Production Freelance Camera Operator 2011/2012

Music Video

I love music live (live music Internet broadcast) Camera Operator 2011

Music Video "The Question" DJ Marble ft. Rebecca Scales Spark 2011

Music Video "Forever Not So Long" Grinsidious Lighting Director 2011

Music Video “All in my Head” James Mckay Camera lighting 2011

Music Promo "Running" Jessie Ware Lighting Assistant 2012 

Music Video "Old Man Diode FT Chris James - Still Silver Spark 2012 

Television Show

Raw TV Music shows Jib Camera operator 2009/2010

The Gap Pilot Show Camera Assistant 2010

Dance Evolution Music Show Camera/Lighting Director 2011

E4 Freak show pilot Camera Operator 2011 

Middlesex University 2008-2011 Graduate 
Television Production Technical Arts BA Hon
Skillset Media Academy

I am very keen to learn and improve my skills. I am a very cheerful person and I work well in a team and on my own.
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